The Day They Failed to Stop the Senate Fight?

You arrive in Washington DC to see the fight between the Senator and the Witness.  You reach the entrance to the visitors’ gallery and tell the person behind the desk, “I’m here for the fight, please.” The person behind the desk looks at you and says, “You’re here to watch the fight? This is a Senate hearing. You should have been here for that.” You look at the person behind the desk and say, “I understand that, but I’m a reporter and I have a story to cover. Please let me in.” The person behind the desk eyes you warily before reluctantly opening the door for you. You make your way to your designated spot in the visitors’ gallery and watch as the Senator and the Witness enter the room. The tension in the air is palpable as the two men face off, their body language tense and aggressive. The Senator is quick to make his point, his voice rising as he accuses the Witness of betraying the interests of the American workers. As the exchange becomes more heated, the tension in the room seems to reach a boiling point.The room erupts into chaos as both sides shout and push each other, causing debris to fly around the room. You can see the sweat glistening on both men’s faces as they continue to exchange insults, their voices rising in volume and anger. The room is filled with the sound of chairs being overturned and debris being thrown as the fight intensifies. The fight between the Senator and the Witness continues, the two men exchanging blows and shouting insults at each other. You can feel the hostility in the room rising as the fight continues, the sound of fists hitting flesh and chairs being overturned filling the room…

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