You’ve found out that you are eligible for a Covid 19 Vaccination. You venture out to find somewhere to get inoculated.

You go down the road and find a building with a long line of people waiting outside. You approach the building.

You finally get to walk up to the door and knock, but no-one answers. You wait some more and then knock again.  You hear a voice from behind the door “Who’s there?” You answer, ” I am here to be vaccinated.” The man opens the door and looks at you, he has light brown hair and a beard. He wears a black suit which is open in the front revealing his white tanned skin. His eyes are blue like yours. He smiles and invites you in.

There is a woman standing next to him dressed in a smart blue dress which ends just above her ankles. Her brown hair is neatly done up in a bun. She smiles warmly at you “And who might you be?”

You introduce yourself and mention that you are here for the vaccine. The man takes some papers off a desk and looks at them, he says ” Just sign here and the vaccine shall be yours.” You glance down at the papers and read that you have been granted access to the personal resources of the medical technology of New Sotask. You look up at the man and into his eyes, you see that he means what he says. He holds out his hand and you shake it “Welcome to New Sotask my friend.”

You make small talk with the man and woman for a few minutes, but your attention is drawn to the door. You see people entering the room, but they have no obvious symptoms. One man is laughing as he walks in. You turn back to the man “What’s going on here?” The man smiles “You’ll find that out soon enough my friend.”