RecRadionation Now Available on Smart TV’s

RecRadionation Now Available on Smart TV’s

With the TV version of the myTuner app, you can now listen to RecRadioNation on any smart TV.

What is a Smart TV?

A smart TV is a television that is equipped with internet connectivity and built-in software that allows you to access a variety of online services, such as streaming video, music, and social media. Many smart TVs also have features like voice control and the ability to display information from the internet, such as weather forecasts and news headlines.

Smart TVs can be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable, and they often come with their own app store or access to a range of third-party apps, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. Some smart TVs also have built-in support for popular streaming platforms like Roku, which provide even more content options.

Smart TVs are available in a range of sizes and from a variety of manufacturers. They generally come with their own remote control, which can be used to navigate the TV’s menu and select content to watch.

Now that’s convenient!


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