You are Stuck in Texas after a Record Cold Spell

You are stuck in Texas after a record cold spell. When your power comes back on you receive an email notice that your electric bill is increasing by 15 times the normal rate. You have no idea why, but it’s true and you can’t pay it. A few days later while washing up at the local restaurant, you suddenly feel very sick to your stomach. You go to the bathroom only to find that you’re actually vomiting blood. The waitress rushes over with a bucket of ice water and tries to get you hydrated as quickly as possible before more of this happens again. The next day you wake up feeling like someone has poured boiling oil all over your body. Your skin feels like it’s burning and you can taste something horrible in the back of your throat. You rush to the emergency room and they give you an IV of antibiotics and painkillers. Your skin feels as if it’s covered in second-degree burns. The pain is so bad that when you fall asleep, you have nightmares of rotting bodies and creatures that would delight in your pain. The next day you decide to visit your local doctor. He runs some tests and gives you a bill for $35,000. After pausing to think about it, you ask the doctor if there’s ANY way you can pay this without going into debt. The doctor tells you while it would be possible to take out a loan to cover this bill. You could try to sell some of your belongings to pay for it. He mentions that health insurance doesn’t cover this type of visit, so you’ll either have to pay out of pocket or find another way to pay for this. Insufficient funds: You can’t afford to pay this bill right now, so you’re going to have to find another way. Unfortunately you don’t have that much money, so it’ll have to wait. Sell something: You could sell something to pay for this, but what can you sell to pay for $35,000? 

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