Listening to RecRadioNation in Your Car

For simplicity’s sake, let assume the following:

  1. You have a vehicle with a Bluetooth equipped 6 speaker radio/entertainment/information center including a 3 band equalizer.
  2. You have a smart phone with Bluetooth that is paired to your vehicle.

Now, streaming has different fidelity requirements to sound its best verses those of a HD signal on the radio.   Let’s include what to do for that in these step by step instructions.

  1. Go to a google page on your smart phone and search for
  2. Click on the red logo to open up the streaming player.
  3. Press the play button on the player page to activate it on your phone.
  4. When the player opens up.  Find the options button and click to find the volume setting.
  5. Increase the volume to all of the way up.  Then set your phone volume all of the way up.  You do all of this so you don’t have to crank your car system way up as well to get a decent  volume from RecRadioNation.
  6. Now, set your car system to Bluetooth
  7. Click the play button on the player in your phone.
  8. Open up the settings for your 3 band equalizer.  Set the far left band known as the bass band to flat, which is at the thicker often black line right in the middle of this vertically shaped band.  Then, set both the middle and right bands to three bars each above the flat line.

Depending on your car sound system, you should be able to hear the song lyrics along with every musical instrument used on the tracks, well.

If you get any distortion, adjust accordingly until it sounds as described in the preceding line.

After you’re done, crank it up and don’t forget to keep your hands on the wheel.


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